Rubicon Medical Staffing, a full-service healthcare and recruitment company located in Colorado, delivers services that connect medical personnel to healthcare providers forming a long-lasting relationship. Rubicon’s goal is to assess the requirements of each facility or location and find the most talented professionals available for the needed disciplines, ensuring the best results for both candidates and clients. This partnership allows candidates to meet their full potential and enables facilities to fill positions more quickly and cost efficiently.

During the selection process clients can trust in our integrity knowing that we:

  • Screen candidates by conducting extensive skills and experience verification
  • Adhere to individual company hiring policies and procedures
  • Conduct personal reference checks
  • Conduct license and credential verification

At Rubicon Medical Staffing we take the time to learn who each candidate is professionally as well as personally, and are fully supportive in helping you choose a schedule and location that is right for you to achieve a life work balance.

We recognize that open communication, honesty and trust will result in the ultimate goal of providing the best patient care.

At Rubicon we know your success is our success and look forward to working together!